Sunday, 8 November 2015

What's in the basket?

I was feeling a little better yesterday so I sat and created clouds. Lots of fluffy white rolags from a truly beautiful Southdowns fleece.  It actually won first prize in the rare breeds show in the summer and my dear friend Daph, picked it up for me as a present. It needed little washing, just enough to get out the lanolin and a little dirt and this is the result. Gorgeous.
 My basket is rather full and I hope to get on with clearing the stash! Some of these colours were created with food dye and went into making my first fractal wool that I posted about a few months back.  I didn't know what to make with the wool, so when I was offered cash for it, I sold it! I'm waiting to see what it will turn out like when it's knitted.
So I have some blue yellow and pale orange from food dye, then top right is the Manx Loughton dyed with Henna hair dy and the red stuff is called 'ohmigosh look what I found in my dye pot'!!! I'd totally forgotten that I'd put wool in the pot after using some acid dyes for tie-dying some t-shirts! It must have sat there for at least a year, haha! It's still soft and spinnable, so I may do something with it.
 Then there's this little beauty.  It ended up costing me a fortune on Etsy because I didn't read the small print or take into account that imported wool would incur customs charges!!! Now I'm too scared to spin it in case I mess up!
 So here we have an attempted close up of some gorgeous cotton fibre. The colours are cream, caramel and at the back a pale sage green.
 As is so often the case the cats always want to help with my fibres and my beautiful white Fae cat is never far from my side and so often gets into a picture! 
I'll be spinning a little of the cotton later, to see what it's like, but I'll most likely sell it on Etsy as it's really hard to get in this country and my stash is already overflowing. The basket is just my portable stash.  I have bags of fleece in the garage and a huge cabinet full of shop bought wool as well as my own homespun. I'll also be selling some rare breed Polwarth on Etsy at some point, but first it needs a wash.  I can't sell it as it is!!!

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