Thursday, 5 November 2015

I went to a wool fair!!!

Well the title says it all!! I recently went to Lewes with my spinning guild where I was almost
reserved in the face of so much woolly lovelieness and only came away with one giant bag of mixed fleece and one bag of spun yarn! Believe me, it could have been worse and I was so very tempted to buy a weaving loom!
I thought I'd spend most of my money with this lovely lady and her amazing yarns as I bought two very lovely skeins (right in the center of this picture next to the white fluff). But then I found a stall selling un-spun fibre in giant bins! Well, I bagged a few samples from there and thought I'd better stop!

This was a very attractive stall and you can see the windows behind of this gorgeous building and it's amazing architecture.  I spent a lot of time looking up as well as at the stalls. I'll be going back to this town again as they had a real life mini Diagon Alley with all sorts of strange little shops and even a wishing well :D
This was the war memorial, pretty impressive, isn't it? The faces on the Angels moved me almost to tears.  The architect was Vernon March, who is considered an extraordinary artist, and was also responsible for the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa and the Cape Town Cenotaph in South Africa.

Back home, the wooly mayhem continued as I tried to finish knitting my fox stole by Tiny Owl Knits. The cats didn't want to be left out and although you can only see parts of them, there are FIVE kitties in this picture!!!
Apart from all the fibre fun, I have to say that my health has been appalling! The Fibro and CFS have been seriously kicking my butt for weeks.  It's a shame that it's come along with Autumn as this is my favourite time of year! I've been taking healing walks with the dog and my man
and we've been enjoying the beautiful display of golden leaves and colourful fungi.
I would love to paint these little 'shrooms, and may even make some out of clay!
In the kitchen I've been taking good care of my diet. Using my good days to bake bread and buns so that my son and daughter have something to snack on without consuming a heap of processed chemicals. I've also been trying out something called 'Golden Paste' which is made from Turmeric, black pepper and coconut oil. It has too many health benefits to list here, but there are resources on the net and Facebook if you want to know more.
I'm very lucky that both my children are excellent cooks as I've relied on them more than once when I've been too sick to even make it to the kitchen! We all take turns at being creative and thankfully they've inherited my 'experimental' attitude to recipes which so far has produced some delicious, quick and easy meals. Maybe I should write a cookbook ;)

Edited to add: Reading back over my posts, I've realised what a stressful year it's been for me, so actually, I shouldn't be surprised that the Fibro has suddenly hit me so hard!!!

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