Monday, 9 November 2015

Closing down.

Hey guys, just a heads up to say that I'll be closing the Holistic Home soon.  It doesn't really reflect who I am any more and I have decided to put my energy into a new venture with my wool and walking.  I'll have more info about my new venture in the coming days.  The Studio blog will carry on as it is though :D

Sunday, 8 November 2015

What's in the basket?

I was feeling a little better yesterday so I sat and created clouds. Lots of fluffy white rolags from a truly beautiful Southdowns fleece.  It actually won first prize in the rare breeds show in the summer and my dear friend Daph, picked it up for me as a present. It needed little washing, just enough to get out the lanolin and a little dirt and this is the result. Gorgeous.
 My basket is rather full and I hope to get on with clearing the stash! Some of these colours were created with food dye and went into making my first fractal wool that I posted about a few months back.  I didn't know what to make with the wool, so when I was offered cash for it, I sold it! I'm waiting to see what it will turn out like when it's knitted.
So I have some blue yellow and pale orange from food dye, then top right is the Manx Loughton dyed with Henna hair dy and the red stuff is called 'ohmigosh look what I found in my dye pot'!!! I'd totally forgotten that I'd put wool in the pot after using some acid dyes for tie-dying some t-shirts! It must have sat there for at least a year, haha! It's still soft and spinnable, so I may do something with it.
 Then there's this little beauty.  It ended up costing me a fortune on Etsy because I didn't read the small print or take into account that imported wool would incur customs charges!!! Now I'm too scared to spin it in case I mess up!
 So here we have an attempted close up of some gorgeous cotton fibre. The colours are cream, caramel and at the back a pale sage green.
 As is so often the case the cats always want to help with my fibres and my beautiful white Fae cat is never far from my side and so often gets into a picture! 
I'll be spinning a little of the cotton later, to see what it's like, but I'll most likely sell it on Etsy as it's really hard to get in this country and my stash is already overflowing. The basket is just my portable stash.  I have bags of fleece in the garage and a huge cabinet full of shop bought wool as well as my own homespun. I'll also be selling some rare breed Polwarth on Etsy at some point, but first it needs a wash.  I can't sell it as it is!!!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Worth living for.

I started this blog just 3 years ago with so many ideas to share and so many hopes for my life!  I thought it might help me deal with my divorce and the change of my life from settled to chaotic.  However, I realised that some things were just too painful or difficult to share with a largely unknown audience, after all, we rarely know who might stumble across our page of morning musings! And yet, here I am, still putting words out into the big old world for people to read and maybe think about.

My first ever blog was around 9 years ago now! I was very different then, a little shallow perhaps, but life is about growth, and I would say I've done a lot of growing!!!

I've met people through blogging who have become dear friends in the real world and not just on my pc screen, so for that reason, reaching out into the void has been worth it. I've read blogs that have kept me sane and given me hope through dark days and even darker nights, when I've been so alone that I would have given anything for a friendly voice. Sometimes those blogs led me astray and I became obsessed with this craft or that homemaking idea and made more bars of soap than was ever necessary! But it was fun and it took me away from worry.

When I first woke up this morning, I was in a lot of pain with the fibro.  I wanted to talk about the things I've lost, energy, vitality, the ability to act on an idea without planning, and of course friends, most of them now! I've lost great chunks of what makes me, Me! And yet, here I am, carrying on and dealing with the life I have, because there is no other way!  I have so much to be grateful for, a roof over my head, my lovely children, now young adults and of course the love of my many animals.  Then there is the patient man who still walks beside me. I've learnt not to put all of my hopes into one person, but a little hope is necessary to keep going.

So while I originally set out to talk about a Holistic life, I've actually realised that this blog is becoming more personal than that. After all, it's still a journey through my days. My life is uniquely mine and may share similarities with others, but the choices I make and paths I choose are what makes it so different. Like the decision to share my thoughts and feelings here this morning.
It's not easy to be so honest, to say that my life isn't pretty or easy or as rosy as the photos I post.

Here it is in all it's honest ugliness, but it's still my life and that's worth living for.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

I went to a wool fair!!!

Well the title says it all!! I recently went to Lewes with my spinning guild where I was almost
reserved in the face of so much woolly lovelieness and only came away with one giant bag of mixed fleece and one bag of spun yarn! Believe me, it could have been worse and I was so very tempted to buy a weaving loom!
I thought I'd spend most of my money with this lovely lady and her amazing yarns as I bought two very lovely skeins (right in the center of this picture next to the white fluff). But then I found a stall selling un-spun fibre in giant bins! Well, I bagged a few samples from there and thought I'd better stop!

This was a very attractive stall and you can see the windows behind of this gorgeous building and it's amazing architecture.  I spent a lot of time looking up as well as at the stalls. I'll be going back to this town again as they had a real life mini Diagon Alley with all sorts of strange little shops and even a wishing well :D
This was the war memorial, pretty impressive, isn't it? The faces on the Angels moved me almost to tears.  The architect was Vernon March, who is considered an extraordinary artist, and was also responsible for the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa and the Cape Town Cenotaph in South Africa.

Back home, the wooly mayhem continued as I tried to finish knitting my fox stole by Tiny Owl Knits. The cats didn't want to be left out and although you can only see parts of them, there are FIVE kitties in this picture!!!
Apart from all the fibre fun, I have to say that my health has been appalling! The Fibro and CFS have been seriously kicking my butt for weeks.  It's a shame that it's come along with Autumn as this is my favourite time of year! I've been taking healing walks with the dog and my man
and we've been enjoying the beautiful display of golden leaves and colourful fungi.
I would love to paint these little 'shrooms, and may even make some out of clay!
In the kitchen I've been taking good care of my diet. Using my good days to bake bread and buns so that my son and daughter have something to snack on without consuming a heap of processed chemicals. I've also been trying out something called 'Golden Paste' which is made from Turmeric, black pepper and coconut oil. It has too many health benefits to list here, but there are resources on the net and Facebook if you want to know more.
I'm very lucky that both my children are excellent cooks as I've relied on them more than once when I've been too sick to even make it to the kitchen! We all take turns at being creative and thankfully they've inherited my 'experimental' attitude to recipes which so far has produced some delicious, quick and easy meals. Maybe I should write a cookbook ;)

Edited to add: Reading back over my posts, I've realised what a stressful year it's been for me, so actually, I shouldn't be surprised that the Fibro has suddenly hit me so hard!!!