Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A chaotic month with the animals!

I could honestly write a book about the crazy goings on with my many animals!!! 
Six weeks ago my darling boy Bo fractured his leg in a rather traumatic incident with our stallion Merlin! Sadly, Bo came out of it the worst for wear and we later discovered that his leg had been fractured.  The break was inoperable but thankfully had not damaged the entire bone.  The only treatment possible was for him to be cross-tied which means that he cannot move more than a few steps!  The biggest danger with an injury of this kind is that the muscle exerts so much pressure on the bone when the animal lays down and gets up that the fracture will crack clean across.

As you can see, Bo was not a happy boy at all and developed all kinds of very nasty habits, including kicking and biting!
Six long weeks later and he is now home with me.  The xrays show that the bone has knitted and although he has to stay confined, he is at least able to lay down and rest.  He was exhausted after standing still for so long.

My crazy cat Bambam decided that sleeping in an upstairs window would be fun!  Thankfully nothing awful happened, but given my luck lately, I'm surprised!!!
My beautiful goat Aine gave birth to a perfectly wonderful boy kid who has been named Comfrey.  They are at the Ancient Farm and are doing extremely well.  One day I'd love to have her back with me, but for now she's happy there.

One of my other cats developed a huge abscess on her cheek and cost me a fortune in antibiotics.  She's a good girl and loved having lots of Reiki and didn't mind at all when I bathed her icky face :D

Finally, I managed to get some long and restful walks with the dog to help stay calm in what has been a truly difficult month.