Sunday, 26 July 2015

Stress and the calming effect of wool!

In the last few months, my stress levels have been very high indeed with family illness adding to my already complicated life.  On top of that I then had a very poorly pony to deal with.

My darling Bo had got himself on the wrong side of Merlin's temper and in the ensuing battle suffered from a lot of bites and injuries.  His leg just didn't want to heal, so the vet felt there was an underlying problem.  Here he is all bright eyed and waiting for the vet!
This was after a strong sedative, poor little mite!
An xray showed that his leg was fractured, so an emergency transport was found to take him to the Equine Hospital where he has to stay immobolised for four weeks!!!  He's been there two weeks already and we're counting the days to get him back home.

So the way I've been countering all this worry is by spinning and knitting.  The blue wrist warmers are finished, and I'll get pictures of them later.  I then started a fresh pair with the Manx Loughton wool.  I found it to be a little too dark though, so stopped knitting and started blending the paler parts of the fleece with some Romney for a lighter softer look.  I'm hoping to grade the wool from dark to light as I knit.  It should be interesting!
Thankfully, the knitting and colour blending is keeping me sane in what is a pretty crazy world sometimes!!!


  1. I hope the days pass quickly and Bo is home and well. Our animal family are always such a worry xox

  2. ohh I forgot to say we are going to the New Forest show tomorrow (only a mile down the road!) and I am hoping to find a drop spindle :)

  3. I hope you find something lovely to play with. I've yet to master my drop spindle, but then it's not very inspiring!!!

  4. Gosh, he really does look zonked out after the sedative. I hope he is mending well now and I bet you can't wait to get him home, and then get Merlin "sorted" . . .

    I am still chasing my tail here and no time for anything crafty, though I have spun a little of the sack of alpaca I got from Annie. I need to sit and chill I think! Instead of gardening like a gorilla on speed!

  5. I love the thought of 'gorilla on speed' BB :D Yes, I'll be glad when the baby is home!