Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Blending colours of wool.

The colour blending has been going well, but Fae staged a sit in on the fleece :D  
My latest arm warmers started out as straight Manx Loughton, but I found the colour a little too dark, so I blended in some white Romney to lighten the shade.  Then I came up with the idea of making the wool progressively lighter with more and more Romney.  The advantage of using the Romney is that it has a beautiful long and soft staple compared to the ML which is short and lumpy!  I love the colour effect this had created, but I had to stop knitting for a few days so that I could spin enough wool for two arm warmers.  I'm nearly done now and will take pictures in the next day or two, along with the blue ones which turned out perfectly :D
Also on the drying rack, I played with natural henna hair dye and some Romney, on the left, and ML on the right.  I'll have to blend these two together as well as the ML is just too short and choppy for an easy spin.  It's getting on my nerves, to be honest!!!
I'm hoping this wool stays fairly colour fast though, as I'd hate to wear it and end up with a yellow neck or arms, haha!  I've used natural vegetable matter to produce dyes in the past and this hasn't been a problem, so fingers crossed :D

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  1. ohhh looks beautiful! Swampy has made me a drop spindle (as you know!) but i quickly realised he made it with the shaft not quite central so i get the 'wobbles'. after our trip to busfest i am going to get him to make more a more precise one. until then its my usual crochet frenzy :)