Saturday, 13 September 2014

The garden and other adventures!

Three years ago I was given my greenhouse.  An entire weekend was spent putting it together and filling it with manure from the field and a couple of grow bags on top.  It looked like this, but not for long!
It was such a lovely, blank canvas and I really enjoyed planning my crops.
My best success was with herbs and greens and the greenhouse, at first, more than paid for the effort and time it took to erect.  But very quickly it became overgrown.  Tomatoes enjoyed the warmth too much and grew rampant.  Then came the onslaught of the Fennel!  That needed to be dealt with severely, finally, this year was the year of marching mint and jasmine.  Between them, they actually pushed the greenhouse half off the brick base!!! I couldn't cut back the jasmine as it was between the greenhouse and the fence and was just too thick for me to get near it!  It was a tough call, but I decided to take down the greenhouse.  With hindsight it was a good decision as the old, brittle glass broke frequently as we removed it from the supports!  In no time at all the greenhouse was gone and I was left with the task of pulling out miles of mint roots and cutting back the jasmine.  Many trips to the dump followed!
And this is how it looks now!  I reused the bricks from the base as a little winding path.
A clematis will look so good from the Studio window while I work.
And I still have plenty of greens growing in the raised bed, and have planted more for the winter.  The little white steps are where I now sit to enjoy my morning cuppa, beneath the arch that supports my grapevine.  The cats love the new layout and will often join me :D  I still need to finish off the path to the Studio door, but as with most jobs these days, I just have to get on with it when I feel fit enough.
Meanwhile, I've been hat making, which you can read about on the Studio Blog :D