Saturday, 16 August 2014

Fresh starts.

I've neglected my Home blog this year as I've been focusing so much energy on the Studio, but now that the cooler days are creeping in, I'm feeling the nesting urge creep up on me :D

In July I went with Moomin to Glastonbury for a day of peace and a little shopping!  Don't be fooled, the water from the Spring is icy and I didn't sit still for long!
 Moomin has grown into someone I'm very proud of.  I have so many photos of her in the Chalice Well garden, showing her growing up during the course of our many visits.
 We had a few new additions to our hen flock, including a rather boisterous cockerel.  He is the big white one in the center.  He started off as Duke (originally named Daisy), but lately I've been calling him Foghorn Leghorn, as he's developed that strutting swagger :D
 I also went with a few friends to the Open Air Museum at Singleton.  The gardens were so delightful and gave me lots of inspiration.
 I've been to this cottage many times, and have felt very at home here.
 This was the first time I felt a real reluctance to leave.  I could move in right now and be very happy here :D
 This cottage was of a newer age and actually had glass in it's windows, so was much brighter.  The garden was more organised as well.
 This is the town square, which some of you may recognise from the Tudor Farm and other historical programs. 
My tasks for today are now to make my garden look like those above, haha!

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