Monday, 3 March 2014

Wooly wonders!

It's been a long time since I last posted, mainly because I didn't want to moan about my health, but couldn't find the words for much else, other than my art, which is covered in the Studio blog!

I've been looking back at my very first blog which I started around 8years ago!  How much has changed since then???  My style of writing and attitude has been the biggest change and in many ways I miss my naive view of life, the Universe and everything!  Some of the descriptive phrases I used though were really quite good and I find it hard to imagine having that headspace again where I could lose myself in a moment and capture it on my blog.  Life was easier back then but I've adapted and am moving on.

This brings me to my blog heading.  I've been reconnecting to my love of wool.  I have quite a few sacks of fleece in storage for when I get around to spinning or felting it all.  I've found that since I joined a spinning guild I'm often offered a sack of fibres at hard to resist prices, or in the case of a very dirty Alpaca fleece, completely free!!!

This was my little work area at a country show last year, and my new wheel.  I'm spinning Romney fleece, which is soft as air and hopefully just as nice to knit or crochet.

This was at a show near Milland, a very lovely and typically English country village. Can you see all the wonderful fleece spread out to tempt us.  My little wheel is at the very back of the tent in the shade :D
The biggest problem with all this fleece and spun wool is that I'm really very rubbish at knitting.  I'm better at crochet and can turn out a granny square in 15minutes or so (not as fast as some people I know!).  But it's not enough to make a dent in the growing mountain of wool, so this week I've endeavored to spend my evenings practicing my knitting. I've a few very sweet and easy patterns to follow and will see what I can achieve :D

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  1. lots of stash! the show looks lovely~like a smaller version of the new forest show. i always find my way to the wool area and buy some bits and bobs. last year i bought some hand dyed angora goat fleece from a lovely local lady~new forest mohair~the colours are gorgeous and i just love holding and smelling them :)