Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wooly Wonders will never cease!!!

Look what I made!!!
Yes, I really did do that piece of knitting and it's a proper cable stitch and all!!!
The pattern came from Tiny Owl Knits, which is the blog of the wonderfully talented and beautiful Stephanie Dosen.  She is such a sweet person who also sings like an Angel, I have her album.  Does it sound like I have a tiny girl-crush?  Well maybe a teeny one :D  I think I love the fact that her patterns are so easy to follow and I've learned something I'm really pleased with.  I can't wait to finish this, it's a neck warmer/cowl instead of wearing a bulky scarf.  The pattern is called Twig.  Do go and visit her and say hi :D


  1. I am in awe! It's something I've never got my head around . . . Perhaps there is hope for me yet then. It looks an interesting site - I loved that bangle she made.

    There'll be no stopping you now - a big cable knit Sloppy Joe next!

  2. ohh well done!!! i really must make the effort more with my knitting!