Thursday, 14 November 2013

Rant averted!

I was going to have a good moan about living with Fibromyalgia, or one of the 'invisible illnesses' as some of these conditions have been named.  This was in response to being called a 'hypochondriac' by an uncharitable soul!!!  Instead, I will spare you all my opinions and instead suggest a little research into FM, Lupus, ME and many other similar, debilitating conditions.  One page that I can really relate to is this one  particularly her use of the Spoon Theory to explain how people like me have to plan in order to get through a day.

Generally my attitude is that I won't moan or complain about pain or fatigue so long as you don't push me for an explanation as to why I'd rather stay in and go to bed early than use up any of tomorrows energy!

I've actually said more than I intended, so back to a safer topic, food!!!  I've recently discovered and fallen for the Pioneer Woman, well, her recipes to be exact :D  I decided to try her 'Twice Baked Potatoes' minus a lot of the butter and cream!!! They were wonderful and the perfect accompaniment to my baked lemon chicken, which is mucho simple and tasty.

Pan fry 6-8 chicken pieces.  I use thighs as they're cheap, moist and tasty.

 Add in roughly 8 unpeeled garlic cloves, 8 peeled shallots, a sliced lemon and juice of another lemon.  I had issues for a long time about using unpeeled garlic, but it develops a gorgeous sweet, caramalised flavour in the skin and is a lot milder than crushing or chopping.  Give it a go :D
 Add about a quarter bottle of white wine.  I used up some cheap hock and it was the best use for it!!! Then bring to the boil, add herbs (mixed or just thyme) and seasoning and transfer to a casserole dish, drizzle over a little honey if you like slightly sweeter dishes.  Bake in the oven at around 200C for about an hour, although I usually cook it for closer to an hour and a half so that I can have a good long sit down or do some painting :D
Serve with baked or mashed potatoes and a green vegetable.