Monday, 7 October 2013

A perfect Summer.

I think it's fair to say that most of us had a pretty good Summer, with just the right amount of rain and sun at just about the right times.  For me though, it was the perfect Summer.  Everything fell into balance with work and family and I got to spend more time than usual tending my garden.

Can you believe how much my little veg plot has grown?  I've extended the edges into the lawn a bit more to make room for the expanding clumps of calendulas and the pumpkin was most vigorous in it's growth!!!
Only one pumpkin to show for all the effort though, but it's enormous!  Even as I type it's beginning to turn a lovely orange and is probably making it's Triffid-like way across the lawn to the house!!! Still, it will save me carrying it far, haha!  Unfortunately, the beans weren't a total success.  The small bush type french beans were lovely and so juicy, but gave way quickly to the slugs.  The Cherokee Trail of Tears that were growing up the wigwam (no pun intended!) were late to flower and were pretty tough to eat too.  I may just let them mature and use the beans in stews.  Many of the herbs have been picked and dried and used in all sorts of potions and potpourris, but mostly in the Dragon bottles for sale in the Studio :D
Of course, with the end of Summer came a few storms, mainly being the ill health of our darling Toffee. A few weeks before he was taken ill, a very unpleasant person came onto our field and poisoned all of our newly planted hedges.  As you can see from this picture, the plants and grass died from most likely a Roundup type spray.  This is highly toxic to all wildlife and very dangerous indeed. I can say no more about this as the matter is under investigation. 
Toffee developed breathing difficulties and the prognosis was grim.  We fought hard to save him, but just a week later he then went down with laminitis which is an inflammation of the laminae in the foot.  Many things can cause laminitis in horses and ponies, often if they're very overweight, have a physical shock to their system or from external issues such as poison.  In Toffee's case all three of these could apply and we may never fully know for sure which factor caused his breakdown.  Severe cases can be fatal!

He still looks tired and run down in this picture, but compared to how terrible he did look, I'm hopeful to think that he's on the mend.  I took him for a gentle walk along the lane today and his breathing was good and he didn't seem to be lame, but it is very early days.
As we move onwards and into Autumn, I'm hoping for a return of the peace we had in the Summer.  May it be so for everyone and of course, we have Christmas to look forward to :D  YES, I said it :D