Sunday, 7 July 2013

Finally some gardening progress.

Suddenly a heatwave  hit us right at the time I planned to get out in the garden. Yesterday was the hottest so far, but I'd already decided it was the day I was going to dig up the front garden. I was up in the early hours before it got warm and laid out the shape. As the day progressed I dug out the shape with the help of my wonderful (and strong!) son. We stopped to rest often as the heat was terrible. Finally I took an extended break to bath two very hot and sweaty ponies over at the field. Merlin wasn't as grateful as he could have been!
In time, I want to completely get rid of the lawn in favour of food producing plants.  My aim is to have a pretty cottage garden in which everything grown has a use, from herbals to dye plants and salads to delicious treats.

This morning I was up early again to make the cane supports and plant up the bed with vegetables, herbs and a couple of flowers to encourage bees.

The orange flowers are calendula and the tiny red ones to the left of the picture are diascia, which are a favourite of mine and hopefully bees too :D

This picture below are the flowers that will go in the front border.  These are simply for their brightness and food for bees and butterflies.
Tohki relaxed on the front steps and directed me as needed :D
The next few days will be spent weeding and tidying the back garden, which has romped out of control (again!).  I have sooo many pounds of strawberries to eat and process, what a chore :D


  1. Great work, but WHAT a day to choose to do it on. I hope you turned the hose on yourself after bathing the ponies! I love your long-term plan - everything useful being grown - either edible or beautiful.

  2. I know it was a crazy day to start work, but I'm very brown now :D