Sunday, 30 June 2013

While I've been working.

The kittens have been growing. Finn is now so much bigger than his mama, Cotton.
I think she's the tiniest cat ever :D

Manchee and Gigi take a break while I get on with some painting.
The seeds have romped away in the greenhouse and now I'm struggling to find places to plant everything.  I have some wonderful herbs growing now, including Wormwood and Angelica :D
I took a much needed break down by the river and Manchee had a tremendous time.
The water was pretty cold, but it felt so good to just soak up the energy and lose myself in the birdsong and giggling splash of water.

This week I'll be back in the Studio, but also finding time to nourish my garden and plant out those seeds. I may even get the time to work the ponies who have become fat and lazy :D