Friday, 29 March 2013


Everything is changing in our world at the moment. I'm still shocked every week at the Supermarket at the rising prices of groceries, not just food, but detergents and household items are rising too. Many of my cleaning items are home made anyway, but pot scourers are now on my luxury item list!!!

As an antidote to the stresses we're all going through, I've decided to give my garden and studio a complete facelift. I need somewhere to chill out and think. Somewhere to do my writing and meditation and where we can all relax as a family. Even the dog seems stressed at the moment!!! I'd really like to make a little sculpture like this one in the path around my tiny pond and I have more than enough pebbles and shells from beach combing, so it won't cost me anything.

I've also taken inspiration from these next two pictures for re-styling the outdoor Studio. As I've moved inside more or less permanently, the outdoor studio will be my writing and meditation room. I'm thinking my finances can stretch to a pot of white paint and I've plenty of edging materials for pathways etc...

I love the profusion of plants in this picture and want to achieve something like it around the studio and greenhouse. I already have so many seeds saved from last year and it's easy to take cuttings from lavender and box, for edging.  I'd also like to make some more willow edging like I did for the front garden. It looks so pretty now that the daffodils are out.

  Finally, this is the image I'm aiming for, haha.  Well, you've got to aim high :D  I'll be working all weekend if the weather permits (fingers crossed) so there should be plenty of pictures and updates of the real thing.


  1. i am looking forwards to seeing your meditation space all panted up and glorious!
    as i have resigned myself to not having a room outside i have been trying to make my craft room a 'room for all seasons' so to speak~i have some netting that i am going to put across the front of the shelving to hide the 'boring' bits and make it a better place for meditation as well as my crafting.
    arghh the prices everywhere are horrendous and getting worse :(

  2. Miss seeing you on, Lady Yarrow! Hope your world is coming up of the clouds!

  3. *out, not up! But that might work as well!