Sunday, 24 February 2013

It all went wrong!!!

Remember these guys?  For those of you too young to remember, they're from the Hair Bear Bunch a cartoon way back in the 1970's.  Well after my last post about the no shampoo regime, my hair took on a life of it's own and not only did I look like these bears but I began to feel like one as well!  I was very grumpy and was convinced people were staring at my unruly barnet and you can forget about getting a comb through it, 'cos that was just not happening!  So with a tinge of guilt but a great deal of delight I slapped a tonne of conditioner on and became human again!

So what of the Salad Challenge. Hmmm, that's had problems of it's own.  The biggest one being cat attack!!! One sweetheart in particular has taken to using the salad trays as her own private litter box, so none of us fancied salad after that.  I'm sorting out the greenhouse and will get some photos as soon as it's all in order :D

Life at Oakmoon is never dull, thank goodness :D


  1. Hi sweetheart

    Hope you are well. Kitties are such characters and you always find something that they are hoping to hide or they move in on something they shouldn't. I do my salad leaves in my little greenhouse or the big greenhouse precisely for that reason. A favourite here is to plant some dried peas off the larder shelf and then use the pea shoots that develop in salad too.

    With regard to your hair have you thought about massaging almond oil into your hair before you wash it; its meant to be gentle and indeed I use a spot of almond oil either in the bath or in my washing water (we do not have a shower) and since I have been doing this my skin has not been so dry and is more supple than it was. Its worth a try and then every so often use a vinegar rinse to remove a build up of excess oil something like rosemary vinegar which will also stimulate the scalp. Just a thought.

    take care



  2. Hi PP, thank you for the almond oil advice, I might give that a try :D
    Most of my salads are in the greenhouse, but I have a pretty planter which the kittens have taken over, lol :D

  3. Oh you do have your adventures there, don't you? I trust your kitties are not turning veggan and are prowling for mice as expected...

  4. Catching and killing all and any rodents DD :D