Saturday, 26 January 2013

Then came the snow.

Christmas was followed by weeks of constant rain, while I sat (in between trips to fields and stables) re-writing the Reiki training manuals. I quite literally ran out of words.

 In between showers, Merlin and Toffee found the time for a good roll on the only dry paddock.
Then came the snow!  Manchee absolutely loved it. 
He would play in the garden for so long, on top of wild trips to the park and walks around the village that left me with aching legs from trying not to fall over :D
The field was as magical as ever with lots of little footprints in the snow.  The fox prints were so lovely, tiny delicate feet with a swish in the snow where their lovely tail had left it's mark.  There were rabbit and crow prints and I followed some of them to see where they had been looking for food.  The hen house was visited by all, including a few rats!!!

Merlin love the snow, can't you tell :D

At home, the three teenogres made massive snow balls while our neighbours lamp made us feel like we were in Narnia :D
I love this picture so much.  My son in the middle with his girlfriend on the left and Moomin on the right :D
They turned it into an immense snowman while I played on the sledges with my neighbours tiny children.  It was exhausting fun.
Now I'm back to my re-writes while dreadfully missing my Studio.  I need to get back in there as my painting is missing me :D


  1. i adore the picture of merlin so much and yes the lamp made me think of narnia too ;)

  2. Merlin adores the snow, he can't stand slushy mud and rain though!!!

  3. Hi Yarrow, Thanks for your lovely comment. Its good to be back. I did leave a comment on your other blog but don't think it worked. How are you keeping? Liked the Narnia pic too. Pixie xxx

  4. What a wonderful, magical place you live in, Ms. K! (BTW - has Vivi-me been good for you?)

  5. I would also love to read your Reiki manual, if you are writing it for us folks who don't know much about it. I truly believe in healing hands!