Friday, 30 November 2012

Out of the Darkling woods.

Oh there has been such a huge cloud here of late.  Maybe soon it will pass and life can find it's new shape.  December is nearly here and while the earth slumbers we prepare for our midwinter feast and bring light into the dark months.

In the mornings and evenings, I light tiny candles for their warming glow.  The kitties slumber in great purring heaps and share their comfort with us all.

Tohki has no need for candles though, she has luminescent eyes :D

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Where have I been???

Well, since my last post, I've been suffering from what's known as a 'healing crisis'!  It's where you clear out physical and spiritual blocks that have been affecting your life and health!  The crisis bit comes in when it happens all at once.  Generally, this kind of thing is mild and people can feel a little unwell, run down or emotional, but all I can say is that I must have had a great deal of stuff to clear and in a hurry!!!

It makes sense though, that if I'm to move forward effectively as a Healer and a Teacher, then I can't be carrying around a whole heap of baggage!  Life has taken quite a back seat during this process, while I've been focusing on healing the issues that I've been presented with.  Thankfully, my children are of an age where they've been able to help around the home and support me when I've needed it. 

My animals are doing well, and the ponies at least are quite low maintenance.  I'm pleased to say that Aine is making progress and has put on a good deal of weight.  She's still tiny but hopefully will grow in time.  Yarrow goat was put to the Billy last week and will kid next year on my Birthday!  That was just a coincidence but a nice one :D

I've some exciting things to share with you at the Studio blog, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  My little creations need to get ready for their photo shoot!