Thursday, 4 October 2012

Welcome new babies.

This is Aine (pronounced aynee), the newest addition to my ever growing family!
As you know I've been working for a lovely lady who breeds English Goats. I've been mostly focusing on her stallion, Tam, but occassionally help out with the goats when needed. They are a wonderful breed of goat with adorable natures and delightful markings. Sadly, Aine was born in a Farm park that were, shall we say, unsure of how to keep their goats healthy. She is from extremely good bloodlines but due to her poor condition was going off to slaughter with the unwanted males. My goat lady was very distressed and we hatched a plan to go and get Aine, who at this point was called Pancake! LGL (lovely goat lady) was almost at full capacity with her herd of goats, so I decided to buy Aine for myself. This is something I've been wanting to do for years and although I've not got a place of my own to keep her, I'm taking a huge leap of faith that everything will come right in the end. I'm kind of crazy like that, haha!

I was surprised when we first saw Aine, firstly that she's a uniform chocolate brown, quite unnusual in English Goats, and secondly that she's actually smaller than my dog!!!

I paid over my cheque, picked up my goat and tucked her into the back of the car. We sat outside of a nearby co-op, eating cheese sandwiches while Aine munched on some branches we brought for her and nibbled my cheek and hair! It was a very bizzare experience, but I'm getting used to strange things happening in my life now!

Of course, you can't just have one goat on it's own and I know that wherever I keep Aine, she'll need a companion. So I bought the goat that's been on my mind since she was born and named last year. This is Yarrow, my namesake :D She has the typical colouring and markings of an English goat and is so beautiful.

So the foundations of my dairy herd have been laid and also the idea of a new business is forming.  Fingers crossed :D

Also, Rossichka spoke to me about limitations to living Holistically.  This is something I'm going to give lots of thought to as I don't want this blog to simply be for people who live in the countryside, or who have large gardens.  I want to be able to carry on living this way, even if my home life changes again and I find myself living in the city or if I lose the access to my field.  So, I'm off to get my thinking cap on :D