Thursday, 6 September 2012


Poor Manchee has been so unwell for the last week and despite antibiotics he's only improved a little. Wednesday saw him almost back to normal, bouncing around the garden in his usual Tigger style, but just a short walk leaves him tired and listless. Today he played in the park with his friends, but then spent the rest of the day crashed out with the kittens. I must say that I'm getting quite worried and will take him back to the vet tomorrow if there's no change by morning. I can't bear the thought of him getting really sick. I can't say anymore than that :(

Edited to add: He's just had a mad dash around the garden chasing off 'intruders' it's a regular activity and is just to let everyone know he's doing a grand job :D Fingers crossed he's on the mend!


  1. Hope he is ok too... Just recharging his doggy batteries after all the kitty attention eh

  2. I do hope he'll feel better soon! He's such a sweet dog and a good friend! But I think it's good to go to the vet, 'cause only he can say what's really happening to Manchee...

  3. Thankyou dear friends. I think the illness took more out of him than I thought!!!