Sunday, 16 September 2012

That was the week that was!!!

Last week I took my final step and became a fully trained Reiki Master Teacher.
I just had time to take Manchee for good long walk in the woods to calm myself and spend some quality time with him, as being away from him for most of the week, I knew, would be hard on my boy.

It was a gorgeous morning and the light was very dramatic in places.

These are a few of the photos from the day at the Furnace. This lady kept us entertained with her beautiful recorder playing.

This family were so sweet and the children kept us entertained while Dad was off fighting!!!

The pikes were fine, but when they brought out the cannons, we struggled to spin any decent yarn!!!

Then my training began and my brain was stretched farther than it has been in many good years! It was an amazing experience despite how tiring it was.

We took a day out mid-week to go to Glastonbury for my Master Attunement Ceremony. As you can see, the Tor completely dominates the town. It's all you can see for miles around.

This was the view from inside the Chalice Well garden. I love this place so much, it fills me with such deep contentment. We did take a paddle in the healing waters, but for some reason the photos I took were most odd, with blurry bits all over the place!!! Read into that what you will :D

The well stream is so beautiful and such a gorgeous colour due to the heavy content of iron.

This is my lovely Teacher Zeb. We had an amazing time being peaceful and contemplative in the gardens before our long walk to the top of the Tor.

Holy mo, it was windy up there. As I had my attunement, I honestly felt like we'd blow away. A whole lot of baggage left me that afternoon, that's for sure.

Now it's time for fresh beginnings and a new journey. Will you join me? :D


  1. Hi Yarrow

    I already thought you were a Master! Guess what I am doing mine at the beginning of October after 11 years. My Master is called Steve and I am very much looking forward to it and how lovely to go to the Chalice Well as part of it. So much healing so much love. I think your blurry bits are spirit confirming their contentment that you have passed to the next stage. Well done you and I am glad you have got rid of the baggage - I know I have a lot to get rid off too.

    Catch you soon and look after yourself and delightful Manchee and the children. You are on the right road.

    Take care



  2. Dear Kimberley,
    You achieved something that your heart and soul have led you towards, congratulations! This matter is too distant from me, but I'm glad for you and believe you'll succeed to reach the harmony and inner peace you need...

  3. PP, I've been a Master for years, but not Teacher. Now I'm let loose to teach, muwahaha!!! ;)

    Dearest Rossichka, thank you so much.x

  4. Congratulations - I know how much this means to you. How wonderful that you went to Glastonbury for your Master Attunement ceremony - such a special place.

    I could do with getting rid of some "stuff" too - and my darling daughter Tam too . . .