Monday, 17 September 2012

First job!

Well, it seems that no sooner have I qualified as a Reiki Teacher that I've been offered some work. My Reiki will definitely come in handy for this youngster! He's a four year old untouched stallion.

He looks quite grumpy in this picture and he is certainly used to getting his own way and has never been challenged, until today that is!

We reached a bit of an understanding and despite minimum handling, his weakness is food, so I do have a bit of leverage to work with! I think progress is going to be very slow, but thank goodness that he doesn't seem to be a rearer or kicker. He would so love to tear a chunk out of me though, that was pretty obvious! We'll see which of us is the quicker, haha!


  1. how have i missed this blog?! well i am here now and just been doing to major catching up!

    congratulations on your now being a reiki teacher!

  2. Well you first "job" looks like he has a mind of his own. I hope that you can get his trust and teach him what the real world is all about.

  3. Laoi, it's fairly new, but has all the other bits of my life in it :D

    BB, you'd love him :D