Friday, 7 September 2012

Fernhurst Furnace.

Firstly I have to say that Manchee has had a huge turnaround. A great, nasty lump popped on his head this morning and he's finally started to eat again, in fact, he's hardly stopped all day!!! We had a short walk in the woods and took things nice and easy, although for the rest of the day he was quite wired and drove me almost mad with his antics. I am a very happy bunny :D

Tomorrow I'll be taking my spinning wheel along to the Fernhurst Furnace to do a demonstration with my lovely spinning group.

I pinched this picture from their website so shhhh, don't tell them. I'm really looking forward to an old fashioned day of spinning and gossip and probably a whole lot of crochet.

There are lots of things to see and do plus a lot of lovely food from lamb roasts to vegetables in the woods. There will be displays from all kinds of artisans like blacksmiths, wood turners and spinners, yaaay :D

If you're in the area, why not drop in, entry and parking is free. I'll be there on the Saturday and it should be great fun :D


  1. Hello. Most importantly, I'm glad Manchee is better. We do love our pets. Also, I see that you're a spinner, one of my favourtie things although I've never tried it! It's wonderful to see traditional crafts kept alive. And my husband loves wood turning. If we lived in your neck of the woods, I know where we'd be tomorrow.

  2. Such a pity you don't Beth :D Spinning isn't too difficult, but I have many good teachers!

  3. Sounds like he had an abscess, poor chap - and what a nasty place for it to be as well. Glad it popped and he's on the mend again now. That day out at the Fernhurst Furnace looks amazing, and I hhope you got lots of spinning and chatting done.