Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Early morning.

I love the silence before the day begins. The gentle moments as the sun creeps above the hill and kisses the sky with pink and gold. The birds are quieter now, no need for the dawn chorus as they instead prepare for winter. The hawthorn outside my window is empty save for a single fat pigeon. With hardly any berries this year many of the birds have moved on to a more fruitful tree. It could be a hard winter for them this year, so I'm going to hang feeders out, high up where the cats can't reach them.

There's a bite to the air this morning making me close the windows but as the sun climbs higher, burning off the whispy clouds, I think that later it may be hot again. But for now I can savour the coolness a little longer. A few tiny birds are piping in the hedge, probably sparrows, my favourite birds. They are so small and plain, often overlooked but I love them. I think I'd like to get a good bird book and learn to recognise the visitors to my tree. Oh dear, another trip to Amazon then!!! Maybe later :D

I hope the day is beautiful for you, my blogging friends :D

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