Sunday, 5 August 2012

Thrifty living.

Or, having fun in the holidays on the cheap!!!

Last week, Moomin and I did some work at the Weald and Dowland museum and so got in to visit their houses for nothing! This beautiful Tudor house was filled with wonderful music from a group of people playing a variety of recorders. I had to marvel at the windows though! No glass and only shutters to keep the cold out. Well, they weren't very good at that, but must have kept the worst of the rain and wind out. We spent a good deal of time at the Tudor kitchen and Moomin learnt some very good recipes to try at home.

The first was griddle cakes. A blend of wholmeal flour (milled at the Weald and Downlands own mill) butter, cinnamon and raisins and mixed to a stiff dough with a drop of cider or ale! We had them for breakfast and they were heavenly and very cheap to make. This flour is mighty filling, so two cakes each was enough!

Another good day out was to Harting Hill, where the dog thoroughly wore himself out climbing to the very high top of the hill twice. His approach to the cows grazing there was either to creep quietly by, or simply bolt as fast as he could! He's not always a very brave dog!

But he does love chicken and we had such a peaceful picnic sitting on the hillside where I managed a very boring landscape painting!!!

Following the thread of thrifyness though, I have a very large store cupboard that needs to be cleared out, so I'm going to be trying to cook cheap and simple meals for the next few weeks and see what recipes I can come up with. Stay posted :D


  1. Lovely photos of a great day out. Wish I'd been there - the Weald and Downland Museum has always been high on our list of places to visit.

    I'll try and look out some thrifty recipes for you.

  2. I love that bed! What a delightful day you must have had.

    Might I ask, what kind of dog is Manchee? Deerhound perhaps?

  3. DD, Manchee is a 'pocket' Lurcher. He's a Whippet/Beddlington cross, but often taken for a deerhound :D

    BB, I love your recipes :D

  4. Tudor house!! Sounds like heaven..I love the atmosphere in those places.
    Manchee is so cute... lol

  5. Thanks, Kimberley, for this post! You always take me to another worlds!... It must have been quite an experience that day in the Museum. And the cakes look very delicious! It'll be interesting if you share some of the "clear-the cupboard" recipes!:)