Sunday, 26 August 2012

Another rambling post.

I have to share a picture of my finished studio as I'm so happy with how it looks. This is my favourite corner and for some reason the one that stays the tidiest :D The unit I bought from my favourite junk shop, but when I got it home it didn't smell so good, even after 3 thorough washes. Originally it was pale pine, so I decided to paint every inch of it and drown the smell with paint! It worked and I love the brightness it brings to the room now :D Faintly, you can just make out the Windling Trees on the wall behind. They come and go with the changing light and I'm in love with the effect, it's so magical!

Talking of magical, Tohki looks almost demonic, haha!

This is one of my super cheap suppers, using up a whole load of vegetables and food from the fridge and larder! I always keep a well stocked spice cupboard, so I started with a base of onions, garlic, ground coriander and cumin and then began adding whatever I could find. There's some tomatoe puree, a half jar of curry sauce and a whole heap of veggies. A handful of raisins and the discovery of some choritzo in the fridge finished it off nicely :D

Served with garlic and coriander naan bread, yummy!

Sadly, I took the decision to let Otter go to a good home, but it wasn't without tears or regrets. The lady desperately wanted him and I was confident that she'd give him a very loving home, but all the same it was a tough call :(

Another tough call is what to do about Merlin's yearling. He's growing into a fabulous little boy and I would dearly love to have him, but unless a miracle happens I simply cannot afford another pony. The cost of keeping a horse or pony is far more than people realise until they've had one for a while. The last few years have seen hay prices rocket and then there's vet fees, farrier fees, insurance..... it's a long list!

I'll keep you posted as to my decision!


  1. What adorable animals! I love your work space as well. I've mentioned you at my new 'meeting circle' over at Hearthwitch Cottage. Feel free to pop by and meet some new blog friends and extend the invitation out to others on your blog. Merry meet!

  2. At least you're ensuring the animals you can't care for have loving homes - and enabling others to have fulfilling relationships with animals in turn. You're sending the love out there! Take care of yourself, Kim xx

  3. Hello. Discovered your blogs through Amy at Hearthwitch Cottage. I look forward to visiting again.

  4. Thank you for the mention Amy :D

    Hi there Kim and Beth, thanks for dropping by :D

  5. What a lovely photo of you with Padraig. I am sure that little Otter is happy in his new home. That's the trouble - you can't keep them all. . .

    I've just caught up with all your exploits, so will have to make comments all the way up the page now!