Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A random ramble!

Well, it's still raining and showing every sign of continuing throughout July as well as June. Manchee still needs his regular walks though, so we've been going to the woods where the canopy can at least keep us a little drier!

Last week several events led me to find this enormous Fallow deer antler and believe me I could hardly contain my glee. I actually jumped around a little :D

Then a few days later, this little Roe deer seemed facsinated by me and walked to within 10 feet, where she just stood and stared at me. I think if I'd been alone and not had Manchee whining at my feet, she would have come closer still!

This part of the woods are very eerie, with a large grove of yew trees. The ground is littered with flints and it's a lot like walking on bones! I'm going to take a flask of tea and my sketchbook next week and just see what comes of it!

Back home, a tired dog gets cuddles from the kitties :D

While Tohki slumbers on the sofa.

And Finn and Fae decide to make mischief.

Things are growing well in the garden, but as I'll wait until it's a little drier to get photos. Also, work on the Summerhouse has ground to a halt until we can have a few dry days in a row. Lets hope it's soon!!!


  1. Ooooooooohh I got goosebumps when I saw the picture of the deer. Animal totem perhaps?

  2. Yes, DD, most certainly :D