Friday, 20 July 2012

Lets talk about the weather!!!

We Brits do love to moan about our weather don't we? I wonder sometimes what we'd have to talk about otherwise! It's a safe subject rather than discussing our plumeting economy or the damage we've don't to our Earth. Whenever I mention to change of the gulf stream affecting our weather, people glaze over and stop listening!!! Are you still with me? ;) Well aparently our weather is set to improve as the gulf stream moves back to it's original course, so here's hoping!

My garden is swamped with growth, but largely weeds and VERY long grass. The pallet garden has begun to thrive and because of it's upright position, it's not become flooded. The slugs don't seem to like the rough wood either, so that's another bonus. The right hand picture is a week old and the peas and pak choi are now quite large. Big enough to start eating :D

So that I could have a succession of salads, I decided to add more containers and being resourceful, I used these old drawers from our dead freezer. They are now sprouting with basil, coriander and another salad mix.

While pottering in the garden, I noticed a visitor watching me from the Studio roof. Does he look familiar?

Clearly he's the rogue responsible for getting my kitties in the family way!!! He's the image of our little Banshee!!!

I wanted to share with you how crazy my home is looking now! These are just the babies as the Mama kitties like go have some quality time alone. Can you blame them?

I had always intended to sell the babies to pay for the Mama's to be speyed. Well, as with best laid plans, there are often hitches. In this case, the very good homes have vanished and I'm reluctant to sell them on to unknown people. Many years ago, we had two boy rabbits. Long story short, one of them produced a litter of babies!!!! I gave the babies away to good homes and none of them had happy endings, I'm very sad to say. So, here is my dilema, do I keep the kittens or take a chance? I think I know the answer!


  1. I think you now have more cats than me - and that's saying something! They look lovely. What are all their names? I hope you can find good homes for one or two anyway, just to cover the costs of having all the rest spayed/neutered.

  2. I'll put up a picture of them with their names, BB :D I would keep them all, but am worried about the neighbours reactions!!!