Monday, 11 June 2012

Why Crochet?

As I look around my home at my lovely little crochet projects and talk on line and to friends in the here and now world, I have to ask myself, why is crochet becoming fashionable again?

Not so long ago, it was only fit for ladies of a certain age and the resulting items only used to line pet baskets and beds! In the 1970's the beautiful blankets made by my old Gran, were cherished and would sell for a good price at the 'Jungle' (this was what my Gran called the jumble sale!). We each had one of her blankets for our beds and in the days before central heating, it made getting up in the mornings very hard as our beds were heavy and warm beneath layers of lovingly fashioned wool.

Then, very suddenly, crochet became as reviled as brown painted walls, wooden bannisters and ceiling roses. Everything had to be modern and polyester. It seemed we loved to spark as we walked and fashion sense took a sabatical!

In time and along with return of good taste, crochet slowly began to make a comeback along with the realisation that it doesn't have to be dull. Gone are the dark browns and greens (and oranges) of the '70's and instead we have some truly delicious shades of everything :D

Patterns are more fun now as well and thanks to magazines like Molly Makes and blogs such as Attic 24, we're starting to push forward and ignore boundaries.

I often find myself lost in the bright colours and the hypnotic patterns of the threads when I crochet. It's a sort of active meditation that soothes the mind and allows stresses to slide away into perspective! I often feel so relaxed after a good hooking session that I'm ready to fall asleep!

And then afterwards, I'm left with pretty hearts or flowers to play with, sharing my love for my home and my family with anyone who visits.

Even people who at first don't like crochet, at least smile and make a comment when they visit me <3


  1. I do so wish I could crochet! I have not given up , but after many tries decided to add it back to the to-do list. Want to create some ripple love :)

  2. Hi lovely, im a new follower :) xxxx

  3. I still have a crocheted blanket I received as a (first) wedding gift from my Aunt Iris way back in the late 1970's, resplendent in its orange, yellow, tan and brown zigzag pattern. It now resides in my cedar chest but oh, how I wish I could destress while crocheting as you do!

  4. Kadeeae, please persevere with the crochet, it's so soothing :D


    DD, I'll bet the blanket is lovely in the Winter :D

  5. Tam got me crocheting again when she was back and I am now a good half way through my crochet blanket (providing I have vertical stripes, as I made it quite wide!) I agree with you about it being like meditation and the repetitive mindlessness of doing it is very soothing.