Sunday, 17 June 2012

Toxic lifestyles.

Ongoing health issues have caused me to have a good long look at my lifestyle and I think it's something we should all do now and then. A bit like giving ourselves an MOT and putting right the things that no longer work for us. A good deal of reflection is important to show us the things we need to change to make our life a happy one, for us and our family. I know many people who constantly sacrifice their own needs for the sake of their children, but that's a sure way of burning out. Even just a short time every day to meditate or take a walk, have a cup of tea or coffee in the garden or sit and do some crafting will help to top up our batteries so that we have more to give our friends and family.

Earlier in the year I had lots of plans to grow my veggies and let the garden feed us for a few months but my workload and then health issues caused that idea to flounder. Then today I
read the horrible story about Monsanto and how they have genetically modified sweetcorn with a toxin that ruptures the stomach of any insect eating it. They claim the toxin breaks down before humans eat it, but rats fed on the corn have later died of organ failure!!! So my intentions have been renewed and it's a pleasant and calming way to start and end the day with some time in the greenhouse.

I did manage to get to see my lovely ponies at Cowdray Park last week and the filly, Ishy, called out to me, bless her. My little boy, now known as Bo (I'll explain another time) was very cuddly and hardly left my side :D

Sadly though, the little lamb, Button, didn't make it and was found to have died in his sleep :(

Here is one of my favourite wastes of time (and I sing that song to them often). Piper's kittens are soooo adorable and I dearly wish that I could keep them, but as the total number of cats in our house now stands at 10, it's really not going to happen. Moomin has begged to keep the black boy cat and has named it Gigi from one of our favourite movies 'Kiki's delivery service', so it looks like he's staying at least!!!

It has to be said that Piper is not a natural Mum, and reminds me a lot of a teenage pregnancy where the mother is little more than a child herself. At first she was so horrified by her situation that she gave birth and then promptly ran away. With a lot of coaxing and soothing words, she was persuaded that the creatures weren't that bad, but it was touch and go for a few days!!! So long as she's still no.1 Princess then all is peaceful :D


  1. Monsanto are EVIL. I have struggled with my garden this year (see recent post) but persevered. I've just got some Pak Choi and little stubby "round" carrots started and I have STILL forgotten my Spring Onions. A job for this morning . . . Even more naturally-grown veg. still gets sprayed with this and that which I do NOT want to digest . . .

    Hah - 10 cats - that's even more than me now!

  2. Only for now though, I don't think the neighbours would thank me if I kept them all!!!

  3. We are able to raise a big garden now that we have moved to a milder climate. With the warmer winters and the hot, humid summers come various blights and bugs we've not dealt with before. We've resorted to chemicals which go into the soil to control potato bugs and squash vine borers--after losing nearly entire crops attempting to control them with organic means.
    The produce labeled 'organic' in our limited local markets is of poor quality and priced at double the ordinary stuff.
    I've read about the Monsanto horrors and was sorry to see that the small seed company from whom I ordered most of my garden seed for many years has been taken over.
    Fortunately for US gardeners there are quite a few sources for 'heirloom seed' and varieties which haven't been altered. We also have a local seed source, a Mennonite company.
    We use very little processed food and keep trying to improve [and simplify ] our diet.
    I didn't intend such a lengthy comment but want to affirm your posting.
    The kittens are darling--its been many years since we've allowed our cats to reproduce, but needy kittens have had a way of finding us!