Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sorting the Home.

Before the weather turned back to cold and wet, we had a brief sense of Summer. My dear son was persuaded to help me sort out the glory hole that had formed at the side of the house. All sorts of building 'stuff' had accumulated there and it was just such a nightmare to negotiate all the obstacles.

A day of clearing and a couple of visits to the tip have made a big difference and now we have a pretty large and usable area. Whilst working here, I realised that it still gets quite a lot of sunlight, so will use it to grow a few things that can't be squeezed into the main garden. Maybe a couple of potato bags would do well as the soil here is terrible. The bark is a great weed suppressant and makes a rough area look nice very quickly.

Cotton's babies are growing fast and have begun exploring the house now :D They are sooo delightful and Manchee is totally in love with them. We just have to watch his great big feet!!!
From left to right, they are Tohky (meaning small one), Fae and Finbarr.

Tohky has the biggest eyes and is just soooo funny. She's really naughty and is in to everything!

Meanwhile, I've been to the wool shop. Despite having a whole cupboard full of wool, I felt I needed something a little special to make a Chakra blanket with. I'm setting up a treatment room for giving Reiki at my home and I want it to be just right. I'm having to go for some tests next week, as my health is still not good, so I need a little project to take along with me. I think I'm going to do this in the ripple style, as it's my favourite pattern. Although getting that first row started was a bit of a nightmare!!!

The colours are quite gentle, but the photo really doesn't do them justice.

Moomin has nearly finished her bag and it's gorgeous. I'm so impressed with how fast she is with a hook. My dear old Gran would be so pleased to see Moomin and I sat crocheting together. My Gran was a lovely lady who could make anything from nothing, had a will of iron and would force me to drink sherry at Christmas and sample her latest concoctions from the kitchen. Several things I've inherited from her, including my love of wool and experimental style of cooking, haha. Every Christmas I now drink my glass of sherry and think fondly of her :D

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  1. It's very satisfying when you clear an area out like that and I'm glad you will be able to row something there too.

    You (and Tam, AND Attic24) have got me crocheting again. Just a straightforward stripey lap blanket for the winter in treble crochet, but I did three rows last night and am HOOKED!!! My fingers are twitching now, wanting to work on it.

    Tell Moomin her bag is beautiful - clever girl.

    I have to say, I wonder who had the job of going round and photographing all the house numbers for the comment verification?!!!