Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Living Simply.

This picture came from Vertical Veg on Facebook.

Do visit Rhonda Jean over at Down to Earth who has so much more experience and good advice, in this post.

My journey towards changing my lifestyle started over 7 years ago, but really I think the seeds were first planted when I was a child and watched The Good Life, with Tom and Barbara in their suburban house/holding! I always wanted to grow my own food, but the real reasons for change only took shape when I started reading blogs and Forums, namely River Cottage and It's Not Easy Being Green.

Suddenly the ethics behind a more thoughtful lifestyle prompted me to make changes. Small, achievable ones! We need to take baby steps, not go out and expect the world to change overnight. It won't and we won't be able to maintain such a sudden shift either.

Start small and keep it simple. I'm going to have a go at making the pallet planter above, as it's such a great way to maximise space but also recycle a pallet or two along the way!

Meanwhile, the garden has been pulled a little into shape.
My pond is looking more settled and I was delighted to find three little frogs wallowing just below the pond weed :D I'm really hoping for some Dragonflies this year. It's not terribly clear in this photo, but the gravel has lots of tiny crystals and coloured glass scattered among it for that faery feel :D

The bricks are temporary around the strawberries and will be used for a small path so that mowing is easier and also a dry place for me to walk in the Winter. Behind the strawberries I planted the straggly beans (fingers crossed).

I needed another raised bed, but can't really afford a nice new one, so I rummaged around in the wood stock and found sound suitable pieces. I don't think this bed will last more than a few years, as the wood is thin and old, but it doesn't matter too much as I'll find something tougher when I need to.

The finished bed doesn't look too bad, despite the back board being slightly longer than the front!!! My sawing skills are as bad as my shelf making, so I just left the wood at an angle. Hey, it does the job!!! The bottom is lined with old wool fleece and then topped with some good old manure from the field. The courgettes went into this bed and I added some leeks and at the back of the greenhouse I finally planted my grapevine. This whole area needed to be weeded as it had gotten a little out of control!!! I may plant the upright planter here, where that bushy thing is. I have no idea what it is, it just arrived one year!!!

I was pretty tired after all that effort, but suddenly got the urge to take Toffee for a bimble along the lanes. I'm so glad I did as the evening was gorgeous.

A quick bath later, and it was time to light the chiminea and indulge in a tall glass of Pimms.

On reflection, it wasn't a very simple day, but one of darned hard work. I think it was one of the best too :D


  1. That was a pretty amazing day, if you ask me! I do hope your strawberries bear fruit soon and, with them as sentinels, I am sure your beans will boom!

  2. Well done. You have inspired me to keep trying with my veg plot only it's SUCH a battle against the slugs this year and they are winning hands down. I think non-toxic-to-pets slug pellets are going to have to come into play this weekend.

    The Good Life was my inspiration too (saw it first time round in fact!!!) plus John Seymour and the whole 1970s back to the land movement.

    I think the growing vertically is great in a small space.