Monday, 28 May 2012

Quite a time!

It's been a crazy week since my last post, but things are a bit quieter today.

Button was doing very well and looked so good in Manchee's puppy coat :D

I had to take him back though and the warm weather was a big help. It was difficult at first as he really didn't want to leave me but he quickly made a new friend who watched over him while he slept. I'll keep you posted as to his progress.

A trip to my spiritual Mecca was in order and we toddled off to Glastonbury for an energy recharge.

I took lots of photos of the Chalice well garden to help inspire me at home. I'd love to put some steps in somewhere!

Moomin managed to stay in the water far longer than I could (random tourist in the background!). I have many pictures taken over the years of Moomin in the Chalice well and they are a lovely record of her growth from child to young woman :D

I love this picture of Moomin and our friend J on top of the Tor. It was so peaceful and we were joined by a very friendly crow and a sheep!

If you click on this picture, you should be able to see the crow as he circled the hill.

A day out at the beach finished our week off very nicely. Manchee swam properly for the first time and was awesome :D

He loves the beach :D

Now this week, I can turn my attention to my home. It needs a lot of love and care and I'll share here the growth of my Holistic Home :D

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Welcome dear blogging friends to my new blog. This is where I'll talk about everything else I do in and around the Studio, other than creating art.

I've been thinking for a while about this blog and whether or not to start it, but there are so many things going on in my life that I didn't want to clutter the Studio blog.

The main reason for doing this is because my health has been so poor lately and I realised that my lifestyle wasn't suiting me. I always have wanted to live in a more sustainable way, but wasn't embracing it fully enough. I'll get back to that in more detail as I write future posts, but for now I wanted to share with you my recent house guest.

This is Button, as in Benjamin Button. He looks so old and sad and the two weeks that he's been on this Earth have been very hard for him. He had a difficult birth and right from the start has pretty much given up on life. The shepherdess in charge at the Farm I work at (part time!) took him home and bottle fed him, but there came a time when he needed to rejoin the small flock of orphans. He didn't take well to them and stopped feeding again. He needed more care and I was asked to bring him home.

Bottle feeding has been hard on him and leaves him exhausted. He started off with four ounces every three hours and I now have him up to 8ounces, although he sometimes struggles with the last bit.

You can see how thin he is, and how sharp that backbone protrudes! Piper our little expectant cat seems to have taken to him, and so has our dog Manchee. I'm still very worried that as soon as he's returned to the flock he'll give up again!

For now I'm giving him lots of Reiki and tlc while keeping my fingers firmly crossed!